Tropical Storm Claudette’s path, which went from the Gulf of Mexico to the Carolinas, was quite unusual. In the wake of its dissipation over the Atlantic Ocean on the evening of June 21, here are a few things that you need to know about Tropical Storm Claudette. 

1. Claudette is the first tropical storm to have formed over land in Louisiana

Tropical storms typically form over water, where there is ample moisture and warm water to help generate a cyclone. But, Claudette started off as a tropical disturbance. It only obtained a well-defined circulation once it moved over land – something that’s very unusual. 

2. At least 13 people were killed in Alabama because of Claudette

Given its strength, Claudette has been an unexpectedly deadly tropical storm. In Alabama, the tropical storm is reported to have killed at least 13 people. Kay Ivey, the Governor of Alabama, declared a state of emergency on June 21 due to damage from tornadoes, high winds, and flooding. 

3. Claudette weakened and then re-strengthened into a tropical storm

Once Claudette developed into a tropical storm over Louisiana, it weakened to become a tropical depression by the time it hit Alabama. However, Claudette re-strengthened to become a tropical storm over the Carolinas.

4. Tropical storm Claudette developed ahead of schedule

The National Hurricane Center expected Tropical Storm Claudette, the third-named system, to form sometime around August 13. But, Claudette formed way ahead of schedule, leading weather forecasters to predict another active hurricane season. 

5. Claudette spawned a tornado in Alabama

It is really not unusual for hurricanes or tropical storms to produce tornadoes, but the tornado caused by Claudette was unusual for its strength. When Claudette hit Alabama as a tropical depression, it created an EF2 tornado, which caused winds up to 127 mph.