The Holiday season is so close, and many of us are prepping for a big turkey dinner. As we all know, families gather on Thanksgiving Day to eat, drink and be merry. However, there’s just one problem: a huge storm may disrupt Thanksgiving travel next week.

Meteorologists warn that a potentially dangerous storm is in the forecast for central and eastern U.S. early next week. Though forecast details are still to be studied in detail, the storm could lead to travel troubles for millions of Americans as they head out for the Thanksgiving holiday weekend.

This year’s Thanksgiving travel is projected to be approaching pre-pandemic levels. The National Weather Service says the storm will likely remain a key focal point for weather enthusiasts because of its timing right before Thanksgiving.

Expect a huge mess and a real wrench in holiday travel plans

While the storm has been forecast, weather experts are unsure how much snow the storm will bring; one projection calls for heavy snow in parts of Minnesota, northern Wisconsin, and northern Michigan.

In this case, a lingering lake-effect snow band will occur and it is likely to move eastward. This could bring heavy snow from northern Indiana and Michigan to sections of Ohio, West Virginia, Pennsylvania, Maryland, and New York state.

Forecasters say there is a possibility that the storm could develop more slowly before spawning a quick spinoff along the mid-Atlantic coast. Although no one knows exactly what the storm will bring, it’s expected to cause heavy rain — but not snow — to big cities in the Northeast and Mid-Atlantic.

Interstate 95 may be hit hard by the storm

“This storm has really bad timing,” CNN meteorologist Chad Myers said. “Even as the storm moves away, airlines could still be dealing with significant prior cancellations with planes and crew members in the wrong place.” 

Forecasters predict that howling winds will accompany the storm, potentially affecting air traffic at major airports.

Records indicate that the storm will strengthen by the weekend, but we’ll have to wait and see how it plays out. Those intending to travel or host Thanksgiving dinner should keep an eye out for changes. Keep a watch on the news for any announcements on the shutdown of major airports or train lines in these areas. In either scenario, expect at least some turbulence while traveling. So, make sure to notify others of your estimated arrival time. Stay safe!