It’s a mystery that has lasted 76 years in an area that many aviators and sailors have said is under the hold of supernatural forces that we just don’t understand. 

On December 5, 1945, a total of 14 airmen flying 5 World War II torpedo bombers that were named Avengers took off from Fort Lauderdale on a training mission. They flew over the Bermuda Triangle but were sadly never seen again. The U.S. Navy sent a Martin Mariner search plane to find the missing airmen, but they were never found, and neither were the aircrafts.

However, a new investigation into the mysterious disappearance of the airmen and the torpedo bombers is the focus of the documentary “History’s Greatest Mysteries,” which is narrated by Laurence Fishburne. 

In the documentary, Mike Barnette, the lead underwater explorer, made a significant discovery. He says on camera, “We see this round piece of wreckage with teeth, like for gears. I’m thinking to myself, this looks like a turret. Emotions are running off the chart. Could this be an Avenger?”

It was found that the wreckage was, in fact, that of an Avenger, which leads to the question of whether it was one of the planes that disappeared on December 5, 1945. In an interview with TODAY, Barnette told Sanders, “This potentially might not be one of the Avengers from Flight 19, but it still has a story to tell, and by knowing what this aircraft is, we know where Flight 19 isn’t.”

Since 1930, over 325 planes and 1,200 ships have crashed, disappeared, or sank into the Bermuda Triangle, an area which is around the size of Alaska. This has resulted in several rumors about the region being haunted.