Have you had enough of snowed-in driveways, icy roads, and frosty air? Perhaps it’s time you traveled to a place with warm weather. These balmy locations offer you sea breezes, toasty afternoons, and sun-dappled roads and they’re all right here in the United States. They’re perfect for a quick getaway or even a permanent move.

San Diego, California

San Diego is a postcard-perfect, beach-studded city that boasts warm days and plenty of sunshine. There’s a lot you can do here – walk down the pacific beach, catch a wave on your surfboard, sample California’s finest at a beach bar, or enjoy a shopping spree. There’s moderate rainfall in May and July, but 75-degree weather on most other days.

 Honolulu, Hawaii

An escape to semi-tropical Hawaii will be just the refreshing mid-winter break you need. Temperatures hover comfortably between 75-90 degrees all year. Besides the warm weather, you’ll also be able to have your fill of gorgeous sights, a diverse range of delicious cuisines, and a lovely laidback island vibe.

Denver, Colorado

Denver does experience a mild winter, but it doesn’t last long. The rest of the year is pleasant and bright. The mountains prevent summer days from getting too hot, so you can soak yourself in culture, art, and the city’s signature beer culture in warm weather.

Columbia, South Carolina

Can’t decide if you’re more of a mountain person or a beach person? Columbia in South Carolina has both. Mild breezy nights give way gently to sunny, golden days. There may be a shower or two on a hot day, but that makes the weather even more delicious.

Memphis, Tennessee

Spring in Memphis feels like a country song. The city bursts with gorgeous Forsythia and Magnolia and there are refreshing showers too. Summers are just the right sort of humid and the short, scenic winters still leave plenty to do outdoors.