Weather forecasters have predicted that a new tropical depression may be developing in the eastern Atlantic Ocean. By this weekend, the formation could become a hurricane. However, meteorologists have stated that it will move slowly. The disturbance, which has been named Invest 98L by the National Hurricane Center, is currently located hundreds of miles southwest of Cabo Verde Islands. 

The formation has been sprouting continuous convection, and wind data has suggested that Invest 98L could be developing a low-level circulation. If these trends continue, the NHC will soon designate it a tropical storm or tropical depression status. If it does turn into a tropical storm, it will be called “Sam.”

At present, it is not clear if this development will ever make landfall. As per recent forecast models, Invest 98L may not reach the longitude of the Lesser Antilles till sometime next week. It is also unclear if the development will bypass the islands or pass over a part of them. 

For now, most computer models curl the development away from the East Coast. The difference is that some models make the curl a lot sooner, while others wait longer. The latter brings Sam closer to the East Coast. 

While it’s far too soon to tell if the development will ever become a threat to the United States, weather experts believe that Invest 98L has an environment that is conducive for intensification. In this environment, the development could end up becoming a hurricane as soon as this weekend.