Most areas of the United States experienced colder-than-average temperatures during February. However, it looks like many parts of the country will experience a warmer March.

The recently-issued 30-day outlook by NOAA’s Climate Prediction Center suggests warmer-than-normal temperatures during spring in March over most parts of the country. The Pacific Northwest may be an exception to this because it’s likely to witness below-average temperatures.

The southern parts of the US can expect drier-than-average weather conditions as per the NOAA weather forecast. This brings with it the chance of expansion and continuation of drought conditions in the Southeast, the Plains, and the Southwest. 

The forecast indicates that the month of March is likely to be an active one in the northern US, so residents can expect above-average precipitation in the Great Lakes, Ohio Valley, and Northern Intermountain West. The Climate Prediction Center also said, “The pattern across the greater North America region appears to be in the process of changing from the last few weeks.” The shift will cause an expansion of warmer air across most of the country and dry weather in the South.

Model forecasts agree with the changing overall trend for March, given the current La Nina conditions influencing the weather.