The northeastern United States has experienced drastically different weather conditions during the past two weekends. The last weekend of May, which happened to be Memorial Day weekend, was cold and dreary, while the first weekend of June saw widespread heat and humidity.

The humidity and warmth have lasted into this week for most regions in the Northeast, but weather forecasters have predicted that things are about to change soon, in time for the coming weekend. As drier and cooler air begins to penetrate the Northeast and parts of the mid-Atlantic later during the week, many areas will get some much-needed relief from the summer-like heat and humidity that the areas have been experiencing. 

In some cities in the Northeast, the difference in temperature will be significant. For example, Boston, which has been experiencing highs at or above 90 degrees F starting from late last week to the middle of this week could experience temperatures around 70 degrees by the end of the week. Coastal locations, from New Jersey to Maine, are expected to be stuck in the 60s. 

Not only will temperatures be much lower, but humidity in the region is expected to drop as well. However, precipitation is still expected. Some regions, especially those toward the south of Pittsburgh, Harrisburg, and Philadelphia may even experience some showers. 

Although temperatures will start to moderate during the weekend, a spotty thunderstorm or shower cannot be ruled out in some regions of the Northeast. That said, most areas will likely remain dry. High temperatures in the 70s and 80s will likely continue into the following week.