You might be familiar with some of the world’s hottest TV meteorologists, who are sought-after for their on-camera presence—and for good reason! Today, weather girls are celebrities behind thriving social media accounts. These alluring women appeal to everyone with their gorgeous hair and voices and make even the most boring weather forecast a little more fun. 

Yanet Garcia

Yanet García is a Mexican social media personality with millions of followers. She uses Instagram and other platforms to share selfies and photographs of her daily life with people. She works as a TV presenter, influencer, and meteorologist for Televisa Monterrey. Garcia is known for her cheeky posts that include bikini shots and selfies. Her followers love seeing what she does. It’s also nice to see that she has an easygoing personality in addition to being undeniably gorgeous and humorous, qualities that no doubt aid her in winning over fans. 

Ximena Córdoba Londoño

Gorgeous Colombian actress and weather girl Ximena Córdoba Londoño has an impressive resume. She can be seen at work on two shows on television: TNT’s Movie Club and Despierta America. She has also played a part in the sitcom Francisco el Matemático. She posts workout photos and videos regularly showing off her sculpted body. Behind-the-scenes photos show her putting the finishing touches while working. Her fans are eager for new shots of her in action, and they’re impressed by how good she looks for her age. 

Ariane Brodier

Ariane Brodier, who has been a weather presenter for the French TV channel M6 since 1996, took meteorology classes before becoming a weather girl. At 19, her first appearance on national television made her a renowned personality in the country and in her industry. Her Instagram is full of photos of her family and home. She enjoys sharing personal details of her life, and many people enjoy that she gives them an inside look at what she is up to.

Diana Alvarado

Channel 44’s weather presenter, Diana Alvarado, works out every day and has been crowned International Miss America. Diana is a fitness fanatic and stays in great shape by working out when she’s not presenting the weather updates on the morning news. Like many great journalists, Alvarado is also a talented writer and motivational speaker. She is especially gifted at conveying complex information in clear, easy-to-understand language and engaging audiences with humor. She motivates people with humor and puts a human face on complicated topics.

Evelyn Taft

Evelyn Taft is a journalist who also dons the hat of a meteorologist who delivers weather news. She has lived in many places, including Israel and France, and has learned to speak Hebrew, French, and English. She is married to Roaming Hunger founder Ross Resnick. Fans of Evelyn’s Instagram feed are treated to an intimate look at her life — including adorable photos of her children and her husband — and those followers have helped grow Evelyn’s account into an enormous success.