Is it February or mid-May? This week’s weather may cause you to recheck the date on the calendar, but long-time residents of the Sierra are aware that winter usually tries to make a final appearance before the beginning of summer. While drier and warmer conditions may prevail during the start of the week, the region is expected to witness breezy wind, precipitation, and even snow later in the week, with temperatures dropping significantly.

A cold front is expected to push through the region during May 19 and 20, which will cause an increase in wind speeds on both days. The low-pressure system is expected to bring a bout of thunderstorms and showers to the region. Here’s the weekly weather forecast for the region:

Monday: The day will be sunny, with a high near 70. The night will be mostly clear, with a low of around 36 degrees.

Tuesday: Sunny weather will prevail during the day, with a high near 69. Light southwest wind, with speeds between 5 to 10 mph, is expected in the afternoon. The night will be mostly clear, with a low of around 38 degrees. 

Wednesday: Sunny weather is expected, with a high near 61 degrees. The day will be breezy, with southwest winds between 5 to 15 mph gusting through the region. The night will be mostly clear and breezy, with a low of around 34 degrees. 

Thursday: Snow showers are likely before 2 pm, after which the region may see rain showers. The day will be partly sunny, with a high near 47. Light snow is also expected before 11 pm. The night will be partly cloudy, with a low temperature around 29 degrees. 

Friday: There’s a chance of snow showers before 2 pm, and rain showers later in the day. A high near 54 and a low around 29.